Welcome to Hninzigone

The Hninzigone Home for the Aged, Yangon, is a non-profit humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Myanmar. Its mission is to provide accommodation and care for the helpless and homeless aged senior citizens in the evening years of their lives.

It is run solely on public charity, goodwill, and generosity of donors within the nation and from abroad. It is managed by civic-minded and dedicated citizens from various social strata. All contribute their time voluntarily for this noble cause, to render help and comfort to the aged grandpas and the grandmas.

This Hninzigone Home for the Aged in Yangon was first founded by the noble lady Daw Oo Zun from Mandalay in 1933 and rehabilitated by the respectable statesman Myanma Alin U Tin in 1943. Through years of dedicated endeavours by the succeeding Management Committees the Home has now gained recognition and repute as a well managed donor-friendly NGO in Myanmar.

The Home is host to many visitors from within the country, who come to observe this humanitarian mission. Generous donations by well-wishers have helped the Home maintain steady growth, and has become a model to observe and emulate.

It has also become a focal point for visitors from abroad to Myanmar, who visit the Home to study how the Myanmar way of organization culture works.

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